Manimuthar Dam & Falls

Manimutharu Dam tirunelveliManimutharu Falls tirunelveli
Manimuthar Dam & Falls

At a distance of 16 km from Papanasam and 45 km from Tirunelveli, Manimuthar Dam is an artificial dam in Tirunelveli district of South Tamil Nadu. This is one of the largest dams in Tirunelveli district and also one of the top places to visit in Tirunelveli.

Situated at the foothills of the scenic Podhigai Hills, Manimuthar Dam was built across the Manimuthar River just three km above its confluence with Thamirabarani River in 1957. The maximum storage capacity of the dam is 118 feet. The river Manimuthar is the major tributary of Thamirabarani. The Dam is an ideal picnic spot blessed with beautiful garden and peaceful atmosphere. Boating in this picturesque dam is one of the most memorable things to do in Tirunelveli.

Manimuthar Falls which is created by the waters of Manimuthar River that originates in the Western Ghats.
This natural waterfall cascades down from a height of 25 feet into a pond. The pond is 90 feet in deep and is very dangerous.
The water is so fresh and less crowded compare to Courtallam. It is a picturesque place. There are some public
This falls is located near the Singampatty Zamindar’s residence.

About 6.3 km from Manimuthar Dam is Manimuthar Falls,12.5 Kms from Kallidaikurichi, 20 Kms from Papanasam, 16.3 Kms from Ambasamudram, 48 Kms from Tirunelveli,& 208 Kms from Madurai.
Nearest Railway Station is located at Kallidaikurichi and Ambasamudram.


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